The Art of Travel Photography

© 2019 by Sherwin Abela

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The Art of Travel Photography

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

In older times the gurus used to paint the tragedy of life and death. Nonetheless, today is the age of photography which captures nature, different human culture and human condition. Photography is capturing a photograph either in a digital form or on paper. Photography is an analytical form of art. It is the thoughtful art of our time. One of the solicitous genres of photography is travel Photography.

Travel photography consists of capturing the images of people, their places, culture, celebrations and history. Travel photography is an entrancing way of meeting new people, exploring new destinations and experiencing other cultures. Through travel photography one can learn the dissimilarities or the similarities among different cultures as well.

Travel photography is a great tool for telling the great stories of different nations. It generates cross cultural awareness which may lead towards the enhancement in cross cultural bonds and ties. The essence of travel photography is creativity and bondage with the place. In travel photography the vision of the photographer is the actual photographic insight. The core of travel photography is seeing.

Seeing is the capability of the photographer to grasp what lies in his view and then framing the most captivating target. The whole process involves the action of an eye but while selecting the target the photographer involves his mental ability too. Travel Photographers keep looking for new destinations for interesting pictures. It is the common notion that in travel photography the traveling is solely for the sake of pictures.

Nevertheless, the great travel photographers encountered that it’s about understanding art, about people, about life and nature. Besides, when a travel photographer understands this art his pictures become more captivating by the passage of time. The travel photographer should go through the process of apprising his/her inner self that is the only way of learning this art.

A good travel photographer keeps on motivating himself. It requires more focus on motivation then on photography. According to the great photographers flexibility is the key to learn and grow. Being flexible is to be open for new ideas and to see something — e.g. events, places, people, emotion, living, style etc. — you have never seen before. For instance, if someone cannot understand a certain language his brain will not be able to translate it and he will only hear the sound. Same is the case with travel photography. If the Photographer does not have any idea about what is in front of him he will not be able to understand the essence of the place. His existing knowledge and experience cannot assist him as he lacks in it.

The more huge the existing knowledge and experience the travel photographer has the more the more prosper he will be because Photography relishes human life. The photographer’s insight, vision and knowledge are the primary requirements for this art. Henceforth, the world is full of undiscovered things the only thing a travel photographer need is motivation to see the unseen.

Maranum Falls, Natividad, Pangasinan (07-01-2019)

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